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That’s one of the leading advantages of Luxisse™ and Luxisse+, and Luxisse+ Valueshade clearly the best choice in translucent dental zirconia for your PFZ and full contour restorations. 
      Made in America by Heany Industries, a family owned company with proprietary roots in the dental industry and over 84 years of manufacturing experience, Luxisse is an all-ceramic material made of zirconium oxide that is manufactured specifically for use in dental restorations above the gum line.     
  FDA Registered, Luxisse and Luxisse+ is made in house at our Scottsville, New York, manufacturing facility under strict quality control guidelines and requirements. Before we deem it suitable for sale, we test it in our in-house lab to ensure that it meets the highest standards for strength, hardness and translucent properties.
The advantages are clear.
Certified safe, effective and biocompatible for dental use, Luxisse is delivered to dental labs in pre-fired blocks, cylinders and in 98, 99 and 100 mm discs that are compatible and easily milled to meet exacting custom specifications.      
     Luxisse and Luxisee+ are allergen-free and bio-inert. It will not transmit heat or cold from the mouth to the surrounding bone.     
   Additionally, it is available in an array of translucent shades that blend in naturally with the user’s own teeth, providing virtually indistinguishable restorations with long-lasting wearability.
• FDA clearance: 510(k) number K073314 & K150056
• Made in USA
• ISO 13356:1997 tested
• SAE AS 9100 compliant
• US Identceram certified
• Manufactured in accordance with cGMP
• Manufactured from high quality Tosoh Zirconia




PROPERTY UNIT Luxisse Luxisse + Anterior
Density g/cc 6.05 6.05
Flexural Strength Mpa 1100 600
Translucence (light tranmittance) % 41 49
Fracture Toughness Mpa/m 8 5.8
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 2.5 2.5
FDA Clearance   YES YES


Luxisse Press.
Material strength that is hard to beat.
All of our blanks are isostatically pressed to insure a uniform density and shrinkage through the sintering process. In-house test capabilities include microhardness and flexural strength.  
Technically, we're at the top of the charts.
When it comes to our products, we don't settle for second best and we don't think our customers should either. We use Tosoh Zirconia Powder for our formulations due to their high-ranking properties for purity and quality to make our products the best they can be.  
About Heany's Luxisse Division.
Heany Industries, a leader in materials engineering since 1932, provides high quality Zirconia cylinders, disks and blocks for all dental CAD/CAM milling systems through its Luxisse Dental Division.  We utilize only the best available Zirconia powder for our dental restoration products and employ our isostatic press to create uniformly pressed ceramic blocks from dry Tosoh zirconia powder.
    Our products are made in America, all are FDA registered and approved, and available for custom milling and fabrication in dental labs and milling centers.    
    For more information or to speak with one of Luxisse sales experts, contact: kathiec@heany.com
or cliffr@heany.com - 585-889-2700 c. 585-727-4713.
About Heany Industries.
A leader in materials engineering since 1932, Heany Industries is a Scottsville, New York, based manufacturer and supplier of industrial ceramics and engineered coatings. We were awarded our first patent in 1934 when we developed our proprietary ceramic material, Heanium®. Comprised primarily of high purity aluminum oxide, Heanium is formulated specifically for use in industrial applications where wear resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation are of prime importance. In addition to Heanium, we offer Zirconia ceramic for premium applications. 
   Heany provides thermal spray coatings for the aerospace, automotive, film, chemical, diesel, steel, textile and wire industries using Wire Arc, Plasma, HVOF and Activated Combustion (AC)-HVAF technologies. The company offers a full range of support services, including grinding, machining, fabrication, polishing and finishing, and maintains a full service metallographic laboratory. 
     For more information about Heany, its industrial ceramics, spray coating and aerospace applications, visit www.heany.com or call 585.889.2700.
Luxisse+ Value Disc
Made in U.S.A.

Indications for use:
Heany industries, Inc. Luxisee+ is a non-implantable, machinable Zirconia material,
intended for CAD/CAM fabriaction of all ceramic dental restorations. The material
is used for the manufacting of inlays, onlays, verneers, single anterior and
posterior crowns, and 3 unit bridges.

Directions for use:
Sintering:      -Room temperatue to 1200°C @ 15°C per minute, hold for one hour.
                     -1200°C to 1540°C @ 5°C per minute.
                     -Hold @ 1540°C for 120 minutes (two hours).
                     -Rapid force air cool or natural cool to room temperature.
1.) Inspect material blank) for any damage (cacks, chips, etc.) before machining.
2.) Fix the blank according to milling system instructions.
3.) Set the enlargement-factor.
4.) Start the machine.
5.) After maching, dismount bland and remove framework from blank.
6.) De-dust framework.
7.) Dry framework completely.
8.) Postion framework on a sinter-bed and plance in the sintering oven.
9.) Program furnace per manual and sintering parameters (above).
10.) Sinter the framework.
11.) Remove sintered framework after cool-down.
12.) Inspect framework for flaws, wall thickness, fit and marginal fit.
13.) Make adjustments if needed.
14.) Rinse the restoration with clean wanter and dry with water-free, oil-free air.
15.) It is now ready for completion.

* For best milling results, use a diamond coated milling bur ( Sierra Dental tool
Nano-Di or ZrO2 powered power tool from Germany).
* We recommend use of the Wagner Rotary Diacool tool for crown adjustment.
* When finishing the margin we recommend using a Wagner Rotary Redberry
tool to prevent cracking and chipping. Keep tool under 10,000 rpm.

Luxisse+ Value Disc Shade guide:

V0: Bleach shade 020,030,040 Ivoclar VividentTM VitashadeTM
V1: A1,B1
V2: A2,B2, B3
V3: A3, A3.5, B4
V4: C1, C2, D2
V5: C3, D3, D4
V6: A4, C4


Using an E maxTM stain and glazing system, all shades of the Classic VitaTM shade
guide can be achieved with the six disc Luxisse+ Value Shade product line.

If desider shade is A1, A2, A3 or A3.5 (use E.max stain 1)
B1, B2, B3, B4 (E.max stain 2)
C1, C2, C3, C4 (E.max stain 3)
D2, D3, D4 (E.max stain 4)
A4 (E.max shade 4)



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